Aug 2018

Just call me "miss maid meticulous" because I can be meticulous. Hi Earthlings! I'm Samantha & I 6'm a single mother of 3. I mention again that I am meticulous. It irks me at times knowing how meticulous I am. I want to use a word that I love to use in this bio, but I'm not. I think it's a Virgo thing being meticulous. I don't know. I enjoy the skill of cleaning. I don't like to clean, BUT I enjoy the skill. I feel it's a science to cleaning & you have to find your rhythm. I clean a persons home like I would do my own. I have conversations with my cleaning when I clean. I admire seeing people happy after the job is done. I dig being of service to people. Life is full of Halleluyahs when you're in your hallelujah. I make a few of my own cleaning products sometimes. I also steam clean. I do purchase a few cleaning things from the department store. Some of these chemicals, however, I don't use because they're really toxic. It all depends on the job being done & what the individual wants. Request my service for detailed cleaning; a move out clean or move in clean. Request my cleaning services for any type of cleaning your heart is desiring. I run errands that are within a close distance of the house being cleaned. If you want a special scent to be used while cleaning your home let me know. I love using pure essential oils! Yes! I also use inscents. Just let me know what you want when requesting your home care needs. NOTE TO POTENTIAL CLIENT: PLEASE DO TAKE IN CONSIDERATION THAT MOST CLEANING JOBS TAKE MORE THAN 2 HOURS AND ESPECIALLY FOR ONE PERSON. BOOK FOR MORE THAN 2 HOURS IF YOU WANT THE JOB DONE RIGHT! I KNOW WE WANT TO SAVE MONEY. HOWEVER, WHEN IT COME TO CLEANING, AND DETAILED CLEANING AT THAT, IT TAKE MORE THAN 2 HOURS. If you're requesting a clean for your kitchen and you have a lot of dishes to be cleaned and food has been stuck on the dishes for weeks that's more than a 2 hour clean. That's more like a 3.5 to 4 hours to clean your kitchen. Please be real with yourself about the job. I'm not trying to hurt nobodies feelings. I'm just keeping it real. That's what I'm going to be with you when you meet me. Integrity is everything in business and in life period to me. Before you, the potential client spends your money with me I've made it my business to share this. I've made a mistake in the past not doing so. If you have a really really light clean for like 2 small bathrooms and they're not so dirty then that's a 2 hour job. If you want dusting and vacuuming only for your living room and dining room that's a 2 hour job. Very small space with no intense work is about 2 hour to 2.5 job. Anything more requires more time. To end this writing about here are 3 fun facts about me: I love Hip-Hop. I honor being a mother and I think I'm a Mermaid. I love the water. I look forward to meeting yous~

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Brieanne G
Redford Charter Township, MI
1st appointment

2 days ago
Verified Cleaning
Really sweet person, amazing energy but cleaning was just ok. Nothing spectacular or exceptional.
Crystal R
Washington, MI
11 appointments

1 week ago
Verified Cleaning
She was amazing and so thorough
Sonyia P
Rochester Hills, MI
2 appointments

2 weeks ago
Verified Cleaning
This was the 2nd time that Samantha cleaned for us. She was AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend her.
Chao Y
Farmington, MI
1st appointment

2 weeks ago
Verified Cleaning
Samantha did a great job. She makes sure to communicate with me about the scope of cleaning and what to focus. The house is noticeably cleaner. Will definitely recommend her.
Nikhil T
Southfield, MI
1st appointment

2 weeks ago
Verified Cleaning
Nice work
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