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What's included in the service?

Cleaning Professionals in the Cozy Maid platform may bring cleaning supplies to appointments. If you'd like your cleaner to use your own products, please add a note to your appointment with relevant instructions or contact them through your Upcoming Jobs page > Go to Job. 

The amount of time it takes to clean your home, and what can be done in that time, depends on a number of factors. The following list outlines common tasks our cleaners perform on the job: 


  • Cleaning toilets, showers, and sinks
  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Wiping down all mirrors and glass surfaces/furniture
  • Vacuuming/Cleaning floors
  • Taking out garbage

Bedrooms & Common Areas

  • General dusting of all surfaces
  • Wiping down mirrors and glass surfaces/furniture
  • Vacuuming / Cleaning floors
  • Taking out garbage


  • General dusting of all surfaces
  • Washing dishes / loading dishwasher
  • Cleaning exterior surfaces (stove, cabinets, fridge)
  • Vacuuming / Cleaning floors
  • Taking out garbage

Extras (Upon request and given time constraints)

  • Cleaning inside of oven / fridge
  • Folding/Washing Laundry
  • Interior windows
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