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What is Your Damage Policy?

In the event that damage occurred during your cleaning, we recommend first contacting your cleaner as all cleaners are able to offer a partial or full refund.

As a Cozy Maid customer, you have the option to request Cozy Maid to help mediate a resolution between you and your cleaner up to 7 days after the start of your appointment or before your next Cozy Maid appointment, whichever is earlier. You will receive a confirmation email, and by requesting that Cozy Maid help mediate a resolution, you agree that Cozy Maid's decision is final and binding.

As part of Cozy Maid's resolution process, we will help gather information and coordinate communication between you and your cleaner. Once we receive sufficient information from both you and your cleaner, we'll review all documentation and, if applicable, determine your cleaner's refund amount based on fair market value estimates and help process the payment, up to the cost of your cleaning. Most resolutions are reached within one week, with the length of the resolution process varying depending on the severity of the case, the quality of documentation, and the cooperation of the customer and cleaner.


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