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What is Cozy Maid's Match Guarantee Program?

Due to the popularity of Cozy Maid's cleaners, we aren't always able to match appointment requests with a Cozy Maid cleaner.  However, we want our customers to rest assured that booking on Cozy Maid is the most reliable way to find a great cleaner.  As a result, our Match Guarantee Program guarantees that we will take the following actions as soon as we realize that a match with a Cozy Maid cleaner is unlikely:

1) Our customer support agents will call all highly reviewed cleaning business in your area until we find someone who can service your appointment.

2) Once matched, we will cover any difference in cost (assuming the service is more expensive than Cozy Maid).  If the charge is less than your original quote, we will adjust your invoice to reflect the lesser charge.

We are committed to being the most convenient and reliable way to book a high-quality cleaner online, and we will always be in your corner -- even if that means referring your business to another cleaning service!

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