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What is Instant Pay?

Instant Pay: Get paid within 30 minutes, 24/7 including weekends & holidays

  • Instant Pay only works with debit cards. To add a debit card, click here: Bank Info
  • When you submit your hours for a completed job, you can choose between Instant Pay or Weekly Pay
  • Weekly Pay has no fees and is processed every Monday. It takes less than 4 days for your pay to be available in your bank account via Direct Deposit.
  • Instant Pay may include a small express processing fee.

Why is Instant Pay not available for my job? 

  • Sometimes, a job is only eligible for Weekly Pay if your Customer is paying via an unrecognized credit card or has special card processing requirements.
    • All jobs are always eligible for weekly pay processing for free. 
  • Your recent job activity or account status may also temporarily disable Instant Pay eligibility.
    • For example, incorrectly charging a client for a job that was not completed. 
    • When you submit your hours, your Account Dashboard will show the reason why Instant Pay is not available.  

What debit cards support Instant Pay?

  • Instant Pay is supported by over 96% of US-issued debit cards. See all eligible debit cards here
  • Pre-paid debit cards & credit cards are not eligible.

My Instant Pay hasn't arrived after 30 minutes

  • 99% of Instant Pay arrive within 30 minutes.
  • If your Instant Pay failed, the system will automatically notify you & include your payment in the Weekly Pay for free & refund any processing fees.

There is a $1.00 charge to my account-why?

  • To verify that your card is valid and able to receive Instant Pay, there is a small pre-authorization charge. 

Top Cleaner Instant Pay Benefit

  • Top cleaners get 1 FREE Instant Pay per job per week 
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