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What happens if my cleaner is locked out?

Our Cleaning Professionals rely on maintaining an organized, busy schedule to earn a living. In addition to missed earnings, time & transportation costs associated with arriving to an appointment are difficult to offset in the event of a lockout & adversely affect their income. 

To be fair to both cleaners and customers, we require our cleaners to stay at the location indicated on your dashboard for 30 minutes and attempt to make contact via phone 3 times. This helps ensure our Cleaners can get access whenever possible. In the event your cleaner is unable to access your home at the start of your appointment, your cleaner may charge you a lockout fee equal to the full cost of the cleaning.

To avoid being charged for a lockout, please provide a clear means of entry or be at the residence, and respond to any phone calls or messages your cleaner sends durng the arrival window right away. Your cleaner has taken their time to come clean your home, and we want to make sure the cleaning goes just as you planned it to. 

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